We believe in working together

Successful cooperation between parents, carers, the community and other organisations and our staff is important because it has a positive effect on our centre, your child's development if they attend our centre and the wider community.


This is why we encourage a culture of cooperation, continuous exchange between these groups and staff and joint planning of parties, events and excursions.


Our current initiatives


  Highway Farm Activity Centre, Holds parent and family days, community events as well as our day to day things. Camp fire cooking sessions, planting trees, growing vegetables and lots more. All the family are invited in on these days which are FREE and allow families to see the activities and learning that has been taking place and the chance to enjoy activities and time together. Activities so far:~

  • 'Father and child days'
    Once a year, Highway Farm Activity Centre holds a father and child day. This day's activities are designed and organised by staff. We are looking at providing more of these through the community interest group. There has also been a request for mother and daughter days... watch this space.
  • Family Camp fire Sessions. Fire lighting skills, camp fire cooking, Tin can cookery, loads of fun for all the family, whatever age.
  • Family Tree, fruit & vegetable planting sessions. Planting trees for special occasions like the jubilee or a loved one. Planting fruit and veg in our outdoor beds or polytunnel.
  • Green woodcraft workshops (additional cost). Learning to use a shave horse to make lovely wooden objects.
  • Family Den building days, Building dens in the woods from natural materials.
  • Family rock pooling days, Join us on our sea shore safari adventures.
  • Wild food Forage days, Exploring the feilds and hedgerows to find edible goodies to feast on.
  • Community allotment and outdoor kitchen. We currently have a bid in to build a community allotment and outdoor kitchen. Watch this space!



We also look forward to welcoming new helpers & volunteers.


Please see the community interest section.