'Out and About' Community Interest Group

our outdoor kitchen

In February 2012 Highway Farm Activity Centre set up an indepandant group at the Centre. The Community Interest Group ' Out and About' is a non profit making group which is based at the Centre to help the local community.


The company’s activities will provide benefit to  the whole of the community by providing opportunities to improve lives through outdoor experiences for those in need. We will work with children, families, youths, physically disabled, those with mental difficulties, unemployed, carers, children in care, areas of social deprivation, any group or individual that would benefit from our services.







How will the activity benefit the



Outreach play



Outdoor Learning, bush craft and survival Sessions



Parent and Family activities



Disability Inclusion Sessions




Community growing, healthy lifestyles.







Providing opportunities to those that would otherwise have few, thereby improving their quality of life and expectations


Improving confidence and social skills of all those that take part


Working with disadvantaged low income families focusing on parenting skills and child development



Rest bite for adults and specialist experiences for families coping with disabilities. 



Community Allotment, Outdoor Kitchen, Community bonding events.





Work in Partnership with other community groups/regeneration groups and youth groups





Uniting forces to dispense activities to the widest range of audience.







 Please see our working together section